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Choosing the right learning center is an important first step when you want to reinforce your understanding of a specific subject. At Eye Level Learning Center of Northbrook (formerly E.nopi), our instructors are here to improve your overall comprehension, and we welcome students of from Pre-K through 9th grade. Students can join at any time. We'll do what it takes to accommodate your needs, and our staff are ready to consult with you about your goals.

We're proud of the reputation we've developed at Eye Level of Northbrook, and our instructors are committed to helping you succeed. Our attention to detail sets us apart, and we'll make sure you're comfortable with a specific subject before moving forward. Let us show you how rewarding our self-directed learning program can be. We can assist with Math and English, and our instructors are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Eye Level Learning Center is a team of educators you can trust. We'll quickly respond to your requests, and our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side each step of the way. Don't wait another day to become more confident about your Math and English skills. To hear more about our learning program and schedule your initial consultation, call today!




Mika K. Chicago, IL 5.0 star rating 10/18/2017 I interviewed three different competitors and loved this one the best. They are very motivated and my kids love going here because they do an economy system approach to excited the kids into learning. Highly recommend this place. Ms. Liz and her staff are wonderful and have a passion to teach the kids to learn as much as they can. Arlette M. Winnetka, IL 5.0 star rating 10/16/2017 I started my son with Eye Level over two years ago as a recommendation from a friend. I can't say enough about how confident he has become working on his own. His math skills have excelled which makes this mama happy. I can't say enough about Ms. Liz and her staff, they are amazing!
--Recent reviews on Google+ and Facebook

We enrolled my daughter at Eye Level during the summer (prior to 1st grade) to provide additional support for her foundational skills in Math and English. Her confidence in these subjects has grown tremendously after a few months, as was demonstrated by her excellent test results at school. After discussing with her teacher, she is excelling in math and we have since taken her out of Math and are continuing with the Reading class. I have no doubt that she will excel in this area as well with the aid of Ms. Liz and the staff. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that would like extra support for their children in their school work. Great job to Ms. Liz and the rest of her staff for being so great to work with, my daughter enjoys going to class every week!
--Heidi P. 11/1/2017

I am a parent of a 3rd grader and Kindergartner, and we've been attending Eye Level of Northbrook for about a year now. (Eye Level is Noonnoppi in Korea from Daeyko). We've been extremely happy with Eye Level of Northbrook, as it provides individualized attention/instruction to the students and its material has critical thinking component, that helps them to "think" and "apply" math in different ways. As for the Northbrook location, Liz, the head of the center, knows each student by name, and is aware his/her strength and weakness. She definitely tries to customize/cater the materials to each student's level, and increases/minimizes take-home materials to meet the student's capability. My children have gained confidence in their math ability since attending the center. I would highly recommend the Northbrook center to others. - Caren Lee 나는3 학년 과 원아 의 부모 입니다 , 우리는 지금 몇 년 동안 노스 브룩 의 눈 수준 에 참석 했습니다 . 아이 레벨 은 한국에서 대교 에 의해 실행 눈높이 에서 비롯됩니다. 그것은 학생들에게 개별적인 관심 / 교육 을 제공 하고 물질이 비판적 사고 의 구성 요소가 로 우리는 그 " 생각 " 과 다른 방법으로 수학을 "적용" 하도록 하는 데 도움이 , 노스 브룩 의 눈 수준 으로 매우 행복 했습니다 . 노스 브룩 의 위치 에 관해서는, 리즈 ,센터의 머리 는 이름으로 각 학생 을 알고 있으며, 그 / 그녀의 힘과 약점을 알고있다. 그녀는 확실히 / 사용자 정의 각 학생의 수준 에 자료를 수용 하려고 하고, 증가 / 걸릴 가정 자료를 학생의 능력 에 맞게 최소화 할 수 있습니다. 내 아이들은 센터 에 참석 하기 때문에 자신의 수학 능력 에 대한 신뢰를 얻고있다. 내가보기 엔 다른 사람에게 노스 브룩 센터 를 추천 할 것입니다.
--Caren Lee, Northbrook

Great concept, wonderful staff! After two months of eye level program my sons grades improved great deal in both English and Math.
--Anna P. of Des Plaines

My daughter loves her teachers at Eye Level. She takes both Math and English classes. She just got her CogAT test results and I am VERY pleased. The Eye Level classes have helped her understanding, her grades and her confidence. I highly recommend Eye Level of Northbrook.
--Roger L. of Deerfield

My child began attending last summer because she was really struggling in school. After just 6 months, I noticed her grades improving dramatically. Best of all, she started feeling confident in her work! The transformation is unbelievable and as a result, I highly recommend this learning center!
--Sandy M. Elmhurst, IL

I enrolled my children in Eye Level because they were not being properly challenged in their public schools. We've been very happy with the enrichment that Eye Level has provided, and I am particularly impressed with the individualized programming provided by Ms. Liz and her staff. As my children are ahead of grade level, the Eye Level staff do their best to ensure that they don't waste time on lessons my kids already know. However, at the same time, the staff are singularly meticulous in ensuring that any knowledge gaps are filled. Although my kids certainly don't love extra homework, they do enjoy going to their lessons, and I myself feel much better about meeting their academic needs.
--E. H. of Glenview, IL

"Kids enjoy" - "Qualified teacher and well treated students and parents, with the care of a good manager" - "instructor to student ratio" - "It helps my kid to practice Math skills." - "Content of materials, reward program and extra activities" - "The owner is very open to suggestions and the teachers are very nice." - "The staff is very nice."
--From 2014 Family Survey - anwsers submitted anonymously - When asked what they like about Eye Level of Northbrook.

Great teachers, who make it fun for the kids to learn, and go an extra mile! One of the best!
--Tom B. of Riverwoods

My son has been taking classes at E.Nopi in Northbrook once a week for almost a year and he loves it! He has learned a tremendous amount that has helped him advance to a higher level in both Math and English. Ms. Shannan (the director) is very sweet and has been helpful with scheduling and making sure he has the right teachers. But most importantly, the confidence that I see in my son with his school work is the biggest plus! Thanks E.Nopi!!
--N K of Glenview


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